We offer captivating storytelling sessions to suit any age, ranging from traditional tales to bespoke themed stories. Our stories are performed, not read, and they are designed to fascinate, intrigue and entertain. They often include audience participation.

Storytelling is as old as the spoken word itself. For hundreds of years storytelling has played a central part in the passing on of educational and historical information and participating in a storytelling session gives people the chance to be part of a wonderful, living tradition.

Experiencing live, close-up storytelling helps children improve their listening and speaking skills as well as informing their own creative writing and spoken language work. 

We tell bespoke stories, specifically researched and written to suit your theme, location or audience. We tell local legends, myths, fairytales, ghost stories and fables. The choice is yours. 

To see a short clip of Harvey storytelling at Sutton Hoo just click here.