Creative Writing & Copywriting

There are stories everywhere, just waiting to be written and we’d love to tell yours.

From chilling ghost stories to magical myths, from adventures to fairytales; we’ll draw inspiration from real people and places or write something special just for you, to celebrate a specific theme or event.

“Somewhere on the shingle shores of Aldeburgh beach there lies a magic scallop shell; a shining, shimmering, mesmerising shell which will transport you to a magical, underwater kingdom…”
“Whatever you do, do NOT go walking on Sizewell beach on Halloween night, for the sea will be full of desperate voices and anyone wandering too close to the waves will find themselves dragged under by the icy cold fingers of hundreds of grasping, drowning hands…”
“The landing had all gone beautifully to plan and the Hadleigh Gang were congratulating themselves on another good night’s work, but this was a job the smugglers would live regret…”

We are partners of National Writing Day 2019 because we want to encourage as many people as possible to discover the power and joy of writing for themselves. Find out more about National Writing Day here.

We also offer a copywriting service, so if you need some web content, a press release or copy for any printed or online resources, we’d be delighted to help. Louise is an experienced copywriter having worked in both large and small business and arts environments including copywriting for The Times & The Sunday Times.