We love connecting people with the past and taking them on inspiring adventures of discovery. We’re committed to celebrating, educating and engaging; to telling the fascinating stories of our historic and natural environment in exciting and dramatic ways.

  • We’ll escort your visitors on a magical, interactive trail through the hidden gems of your site
  • Lords and ladies, ghosts or gardeners, who’s best suited to tell the tale your visitors want to hear? Our costumed characters will do much more than simply meet & greet.
  • From fairground stalls to fashion shows, guided walks to workshops; give us your brief and we’ll develop a bespoke idea to meet your specific objectives 

At the Sutton Hoo Summer Solstice Storytelling festival, alongside old East Anglian legends Harvey performed stories written specifically for the event by Louise; tales of bravery, loyalty and love, inspired by the Sutton Hoo site. 

“It was wonderful to work with Harvey and Louise to create site specific stories for our Solstice Festival. Harvey’s talent added that extra something special to the event and he was great at working alongside our own storytellers. We look forward to working with them again in the future.” 

Rebecca Herod, Visitor Experience Officer, Sutton Hoo